Welcome to Scarborough Yacht Club

Welcome to Scarborough Yacht Club, based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.  Come and join us for racing, cruising, socialising or a combination of all three.

Latest News

2016 Dinner

Photos from the 2016 Dinner can be found here: Photo Gallery.  The list of Prize Winners for 2016 can be found here: Racing Results.  £503.50 was raised for the RNLI - thank you to everyone for their generous donations.


2017 Race Programme

The 2017 Race Programme with list of race officer duties is now available for viewing and download HERE


2017 North Sea Race

The 2017 North Sea Race will start on Saturday 1st July at 0900.  More details to follow nearer the time.


Bart's Bash - SYC Results

Pos Boat Name Skipper Sail Number Boat Class Bart Speed
1 EnZo Andy Smith 8887N Hunter Sonata 1.97619
2 Ruffian Pete  McIntyre GBR 3898 SIGMA 36 1.92337
3 A Grand Day Out Richard  Littlewood GBR 7075N Hunter 707 1.9151
4 Vado Steve Russell GBR9276T Aphrodite 29 1.87138
5 Zeris Brian Sizer GBR7089N Hunter Sonata 1.8545
6 Dash Martin Donnelly GBR6515T SADLER 34 1.68258
7 Joker in the Pack Robin Grey GBR1756 CORK 1720 1.5229
8 Takaza kevin chatt 107 ETAP 28 i 0.98005
9 Shameless John Parkes GBR7099 HUNTER 707 OD 0.9306
10 Little Jeannie Kelvin Robertson GRB5392T Van de Stadt Vita RET
11 Valkyrie Roger Buxton GBR 6861T Beneteau 211 DNC

 Fishermens Wives and Trenholm Cup results are listed on the racing results page. Go to the Bart's Bash website to view how club members got on in the various classes.


Wheatcroft Works Update

Now the Wheatcroft works are completed the new position of the Wheatcroft Buoy and course bearings are availabe for download HERE


North Sea Race

North Sea Race results now published. Seems to have been an excellent crossing with record times tumbling. Dutch double hander Sec Hayai made it in 21hrs 27 minutes and Windshear broke the SYC record with a time of 27hrs 46 minutes, true champagne sailing followed, no doubt, with a beer or two.... Congratulations to all competitors with only one retirement in the fleet.

Results can be viewed HERE. 

A selecetion of photos from the dinner in Hoorn can be viewed HERE.


2016 Entry Forms

Race Entry and Minimum Requirements Declaration forms are available for download HERE

2016 Sailing Instructions are available for download HERE, associated attachments detailing courses etc HERE and Start Marks clarification HERE.



We are pleased to announce that have agreed a three year agreement with James Stockdale Ltd to sponsor the annual SYC Regatta for 2016, 2017 & 2018.

We are also pleased to announce that Boyes Stores (for good value) have agreed to sponsor the 2016 North Sea Race - more details of which can be found here.

Thank you to both for their support.


2016 Racing 

The 2016 race programme and race officer duties are now available for download HERE, and  on the club notice board.  It is the responsibility of the boat nominated for race duties to ensure they have sufficient people, (minimum 2), experienced enough to be able manage the race duty.  Whilst Martin Gledhill may be available to assist on the day, it cannot be guaranteed.  The boat nominated may still race on the duty day.  If a boat cannot fulfil its allocated race duty it should try and swap with another boat and notify a member of the sailing committee.  From January 2016 any yacht unable to race while carrying out race officer duties will be awarded points based on their average points in that series excluding DNC, penalties as detailed in 14.1.2 - 14.1.4 shall be applied to this average.  We will be running training sessions on the new computer based starting system early in the new year, the dates will be notified.

Thank you in anticipation of your co operation.


RYA Rules 

Updated RYA Rules Disputes Document here: Racing Documents.