Day Skipper Shorebased Course

The Day Skipper Course is the complete introduction course to boating, it assumes absolutely no knowledge and covers all the basic requirements to enjoy your time at sea, safely and with confidence.

Port hand buoy

What better way of spending those cold, dark winter evenings than learning a new skill or improving your existing knowledge, which, in turn will help you enjoy next years boating even more with the confidence this course gives.



The course is held in the friendly surroundings of Scarborough Yacht Club, which is situated within the Lighthouse building on the central pier in Scarborough, with free parking on the pier itself, during the course.  The course is for 25/26 weeks, one night per week, for two hours and this year will be held on a Tuesday evening.  It starts on September 27th at 7pm and finishes at 9pm, when the bar opens!


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The syllabus includes: both traditional and electronic navigation techinques, the regulations for avoidance of collisions, all aspects of safety and safety equipment, tidal calculations, an insight into meteorology, ropework, anchoring, buoyage & pilotage and the codes of good practice for good seamanship.


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The course fee is £175 and an additional cost of about £70 for the books, charts and navigational plotting equipment required. (which are purchased at a discounted price)