2016 Entrants

If you are entering the 2016 North Sea Race, please complete something in the same vein as below regarding your entry into the race. You could include details about your boat, make, size etc, number of crew, any interesting anecdotes about them and any other notable achievements /past racing history etc. Please send a photograph you would like to accompany your article. We would love to hear from you, and remember: modesty does not make good publicity. Please send details to Win Russell, North Sea Secretary - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Vijaya is a De Ridder 40, built in aluminium. Skipper owner, Huib Swets, roughly pronounced Howb! Started sailing at the age of 9 and it has remained an obsession ever since. As skipper he has made many long distance trips and taken part in many races, in 2005 he participated in his first OSTAR, after making an unforgettable crossing and sailing along Manhattan Island, he sailed home by the Azores. Since then he has competed in yet another OSTAR, two Round Britain and Island Races, Azores and Back Races, the Dutch 1000 miles Races and many more, therefore, his vast experience speaks for itself and is a serious contender in any race.



Jager, is a Koopmans 35 designed, built and sailed by the owner, Dick Koopmans.  Jager is designed for both cruising and racing shorthanded. Originally for the 35 ft class but later tuned for IRC. She is build in glass/Vynlester with a plywood deck. Besides designing yachts, Dick is a passionate racer. He won the Round Britain & Ireland Race twice and was 3rd in The OSTAR 2009. Last year he came first in class three of the Azores and back race and of course Scarborough Yacht Club’s North Sea race in 2014 He has also done a lot of cruising, Tahiti, Spitsbergen, Iceland, the Faeroes and many other places have been explored. So far, he has sailed more than 150000 miles on different boats.



Bongo is a Bongo 9.6 flying machine,skipper owner, Martin Selles is the previous winner of the 500 mile single handed race. If you want to see the capabilities of this yacht check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXQEKvKU168



Greyhound is a Dehler 39SQ. Gerard Schalkwijk skipper of Greyhound, will make a welcome return to Scarborough after sailing here to compete in our Regatta a couple of years ago. Gerard prefers sailing the shorthanded, long distance races, which he has done since 2008 in Greyhound, competing in two Round Britain and Ireland races, many of the Dutch races including the 1000mile race twice. Last year, even after severe damage on the outward leg of the Azores and back race he managed to finish mid fleet.


Sec Hayai Class 40

Sailing has been Nico’s passion for a lifetime. In the very beginning Nico, married to Myrna and a proud father of five children, sailed with his sons on the lakes of Holland and went with them to Denmark, Norway, Belgium and England. He sailed with young students for many years, including entries in the Fastnet, Ijmuiden (Holland), Lagos (Portugal), Dutch Ijspegel races and others. Nico has taken part several times in the classic short-handed races such as the AZAB, Round Britain & Ireland, Fastnet and Petit Bateau. In OSTAR 2005 Nico won his IRC class



Insomnix is a Bongo 9.60, designed 2002 by Pierre Rolland, built in 2004 at Plougonvelin on the Atlantic coast of France. I bought her in 2012 and sailed her in the same year to the North Sea. Our first big race was the 1000mile race 2013, followed by the Round Britain and Ireland race in 2014,which was followed a second lap, finishing in Scarborough, before leaving for home. I believe, she is a supreme ocean going cruiser/racer which is why we decided to sail her in the 2015 Azores and back race, unfortunately we had mast failure preventing us from racing in the return leg. But now we are ready to go once again and are looking forward to re-visiting Scarborough and taking part in the 500 mile race.



Pete and Emma are regular participants in two handed long distance races in Ruffian and are looking forward to taking part in the Dutch 500 mile race, from Ijumden to Scarborough, which will of course mean we can compete in our own Yacht club’s North Sea race, which will form the return leg. Ruffian is a Sigma 36 and for us, offers a reasonable amount of comfort and also a fair turn of speed that is needed for this type of endurance event. Designed by David Thomas and built in 1983 she has been constantly updated to meet the required specifications for offshore racing and although she is no spring chicken, she can still hold her own in the right conditions!

Other races of note are: three Round Britain & Ireland Races, three Azores and back races, the Dutch 1000 mile Race, including the Norwegian Bergen, Shetland, Bergen Race, the Yachting Monthly Triangle Race, the Round Ireland Race, the Fastnet Race and more North Sea Races than they care to remember!

(Ruffain photo taken by Bob Aylott).


Blue Shadow

Blue Shadow JNP12 Skipper Jaco Cossee, co skipper Morjolein Brandt


Llamudos II

Llamudos II a Pioneer 10, is owned by Gerry Michulitis and has crossed the North Sea to Holland many times. They will be competing again this year with a very good race/drinking crew.



Vado is an Aphrodite 29 bought in Holland in 2005 by current owners Steve & Win Russell and she has returned there many times whilst competing in the NSR with some successes, and is a regular on the bay racing scene. Apart from Skipper Steve, the other 3 crew members are Mark Burgess and Gary Walker – regulars on Vado, and the Commodore, Steve Parker who has discarded the bike this year for a boat crossing. Win's role is shore support and part of this entails watching Vado on the tracker and advising the crew where they have gone wrong on the trip across. Joking aside she will join the boat in Holland in her role of NSR secretary.



“Dash” is a Sadler 34 originally built in 1985 for Yachting Monthly editor Andrew Bray, now owned since 2005 by retired Master Mariner and fishery inspector Martin Donnelly Crew this year are North Sea Race veterans Neal “Harry” Arundale and Alan Campion who are taking their own nurse, Mrs Jean Swift, in case things go wrong. “Dash” can do well in strong winds with a close reach and has won her class in the NSR 3 times before.


Crazy D

Crazy D is a real diamond. A Breehorn 41 launched in 2008, strong and comfortable for longer trips at sea. Joint skippers Pieter Parie and Madelon Kuiper competed twice in the 1000 Miles DH, 500 miles DH and two Colin Archer Memorial Races. We had a great time in the last Round Britain & Ireland race . But unfortunatly damage prevented us from completing last years Azores and back race but we are now looking forward to this years 500 mile race and visiting Scarborough, which Madolon visited when she joined Scarborough yacht club’s regatta two years ago in her boat Bliss.


Lady Ella

Lady Ella is a 1987 Westerly Seahawk 34 with a centre cockpit, which we have owned for the last 5 years. Lady Ella entered the NSR 3 years ago with George as crew and this time the crew will be George (again) Ian Hunter and me (Darrell Sawyer). We have all sailed/motored in the North Sea Race several times each on various yachts over the last 13 years. George is a retired fireman and RNLI safety officer and has his own motor/sail Colvic 26 called Polly of Hythe, which he has sailed in the race several times and is moored in Hartlepool. If anyone knows George he has been known to dabble in a few drinks at the weekend and is considered a local attraction for an unsuspecting sober visitor in the small crafts! Ian has also had many yachts over the years, and has sailed on 3 different yachts in the NSR but has now generally moved on to the more comfortable cruising in a motor home (which he assures me is quicker, warmer and cheaper than owning a Yacht), but has been forced out of sailing retirement to be George’s carer/helper for two weeks in Holland plus he wants all our duty free tobacco!


Whistledown II

Whistledown II is a Beneteau 32 owned and Skippered by Lee Scaife. She competed in her first NSR under Lee’s ownership in 2007. What Lee lacks in nautical ability, (and that's a lot) he makes up for in enthusiasm. For 2016 he has managed to bring together the same crew he has used on all his previous NSR crossings. Andy Volans, medical consultant, is the ships doctor, and on Whisledown II, with many of the crew suffering from a variety of conditions, its full time job. Paul Lester, Internet Marketeer and a direct descendant of Rip Van Winkle, is another stalwart of Whistledowns crew. John Ritchie is an enthusiastic crew, but like Lee has failed to grasp the finer points of sailing. John has competed in well over 20 NSR , many of them with the final member of the crew, the adventurer, Roger Buxton, Roger is a veteran of over 30 NSR, the 2 handed Round Britain and Ireland race, around Arran 2 handed in a mini transat , and many more. Roger has sailed the North Sea in a variety of boats from 17ft to 34 ft. In 1994 Roger and John entered the race in a Hunter 19. the rudder fell off half way across. the rest as they say is history. As in previous years, Lee will prepare the boat, 2 hrs. before the start. ‘it'll be reet’ is his favourite saying, only to be bettered by, ‘is’t pub open’ Whistledown II has the potential to do well, the crew, lets just say the jury's out.


Out Of Nowhere

‘Out Of Nowhere’ a Beneteau First 31.7 is partaking in the NSR for the first time. We have crewed for various boats on various races including NSR and Fastnet but this will be the first time two handed so will be more challenging as a race. As crew race prep involves many things (remembering to bring lightweight bag of kit and a heavy weight bottle of Gin!) but this year we have the added experience of boat preparation and planning. Last year was a perfect race, departing Scarborough under Spinnaker on a sunny day. The hospitality in Holland is wonderful, the sailing in the Markermeer & IJsselmeer is gentle, welcome, especially when tired after the race and ‘tired as a newt’ after all that hospitality! Very much looking forward to NSR 2016.



Kevin Chatt's Takaza is an Etap 28i and is a regular entrant in the bay racing around Scarborough. Having originally sailed to Holland as crew on bigger boats, Kevin has since taken his own boat many times, and this year is sailing with a crew of 5.


Joost & Vroluk

SKIPPER: Joost Nederkoorn Joost has sail for many years around the cans and gained several championship wins in its class. But ten years he shook off the shackles of racing fully crewed racing and has sailed with double handed with his co-skipper ever since. They have sailed many double handed regattas like the RORC North Sea race, the 100mile and 50 mile race hand have competed two Fastnets, as well as family sailing to France, Scandinavia the UK etc. He has made many modifications to the boat, new rudder and mast and ultimate keel fairing. Ambition: find time for long cruises in Europe or even further.

CO-SKIPPER: Erik Enzerink Has worked at Royal Netherlands Navy, in submarines, so used to live in small areas without comfort. He has sailed many years around the cans, like X-99 world championship and the Dutch champion local class "Pion" he owns Sprint 109 and has many happy memories of family sailing holidays to France and Belgium.


Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet's skipper Robin Machell is an active member of HumberYawl Yacht Club. He and his fellow crew member Kevin Dixon have lots of experience including the Triangle, Round the Island, Fastnet and many North Sea Race crossings as well as competing in local club racing and the Scarborough Yacht Club annual regatta. 


Blue Shadow

Blue Shadow is designed by Joubert and Nivelt and build by Pinta as a JNP 12. Originally fitted with alu spars and tiller steering, she has been transformed to wheel steering and rigged with a carbon rotating mast with no spreaders. We are still seeking for the benefits of these adjustments. Furthermore, she has a lift keel with a draft of 2,80m, sailing can only be done with the keel fully down and locked in place. Last year in sailing the North Sea triangel proofed she is in desperate need of a new wardrobe. The tailors however did not manage to dress her in time, so we have to sail her with the old lumps. (praying for light conditions). Marjolein and Jaco crewed on a Mountgay 30 racing pancake and made it to become Dutch Champions in the ORC 3 class in 2014 which was repeated by Marjolein in 2016. As a duo handed team we dit some local racing and participated in last years North Sea triangel race. We are looking forward to the 500 miles as a race, but most of all we hope to have fun.


Phoenix II 

Colin Jackson owner of Phoenix II a MGC 27 flying the colours for Tees and Hartlepool yacht Club, winner last year in class and previous winner on 3 occasions has entered in the double handed class with right hand man Steve Marsden.



Revenge is a Sigma 33 Offshore One Design built in late 1988 before being exhibited at the London Boat Show in 1989. She came to Scarborough from Plymouth in 2003, and completed her first North Sea Race in 2004. We came second in the IOR class on that occasion and came second yet again in every subsequent North Sea Race until 2011, when we were fortunate enough to win the event. She is a very quick boat in the right conditions but she also has her weaknesses (which are not for publication)!

The crew are the usual collection of individuals who will be introduced to one another at the briefing (if we are lucky) or on the morning of the race. They are:

  • Alan Smith – In his 60th year of sailing, having campaigned dinghies “on the circuit” for many years with some success, being a national championship winning crew on 4 occasions. Came to keelboat racing when he got tired of swimming after the boat!
  • Jerry Marsh – Sailed mainly in the Mediterranean, gaining his Yachtmaster. Retires from working on 30th June and has been convinced that the NSR will be an excellent retirement cruise. Paul McQuillan – No stranger to Revenge and one of the skipper’s old dinghy associates. Fiercely competitive (don’t even think about a protest unless you really want a fight) and a Fastnet veteran.
  • Alan Mills – Another ex dinghy sailor who has hung up his trapeze harness. A member of the winning crew in 2011.
  • Andy Gilding – Spends his time designing, building and sailing foiling International Moths and various spectacular derivatives. An architect in his spare time, he says that he’s looking forward to a restful holiday.