The Club

Scarborough Yacht Club is situated in the Lighthouse building at the end of the central pier of Scarborough harbour.

The Club has enviable views across the harbour and South bay, especially from the balcony where you can take in all the activities both on and off the water. You are assured of a friendly welcome at the bar with food being served on weekend lunch openings.


Quiet Room & Library

The downstairs room has been decorated and made into a "Quiet Room". The computer is available for use there and all the books which have been donated to the club over the years are now stored on the shelving there.

If any member needs to to take a book home to read, please return it as soon as possible so that everyone can make use of this facility.

Also if any member has any books which they wish to donate, please write inside the front cover of the book donated a name and a date, which adds interest for future members.

Flag Officers & Committees 2017

Flag Officers:

    • Commodore - Roger Buxton (below left)
    • Vice Commodore - Edd Peacock (below right)


  • Rear Commodore - Paul Lester (below left)
  • Hon. Commodore - Geoffrey Hill (below right)


  • Hon Secretary - Clive Murray (below left)
  • Hon Treasurer - Fiona Mullaine
  • Hon Handicapper - Richard Craven (below right)



  • Geoffrey Hill, Robin Scholes, David Poole & Steve Russell


Management Committee:

  • All Flag Officers, All Trustees, Hon Secretary , Hon Treasurer, Hon Handicapper, Bruce Temple, Marcus Patrick, Martin Gledhill, Nick Taylor, Pete McIntyre, Emma Nutt, Robin Gray, Sue Bramley & Steve Parker (Previous Commodore)


House & Social Committee:

  •  Rear Commodore, Paul Bramley, Steve Bramham & Guy Maygor


Sailing Committee:

  • Vice Commodore, Hon Handicapper, Steve Russell, Martin Gledhill, Sam Usher, Bruce Temple, Lee Marton & Andy Volans