Cruising Stories

Along with a busy and competitive racing programme, Scarborough Yacht Club also has a thriving cruising section.

Below are a selction of Club Members Stories.

Scallywag's Baltic Cruise 2000

Report by Pete McIntyre.

We had completed Scarborough Yacht Club’s North Sea Race many times and had followed it up with some magnificent cruising around the Dutch Inland waterways, but after revisiting the old haunts so many times, felt it was time to have a change.

The idea of going into the Baltic was one which filled me with enthusiasm, new places, new challenges an idea which was probably sparked by reading the account of another club member, Ken Dean, so in the winter of 1999, started to plan for a trip the following year.  A quick call to Ken to ask if he had any charts proved fruitful as he provided a full folio of charts for the whole of the Western Baltic.  Sailing directions made an excellent Christmas present and so armed with the information I needed I started my research, this was going to be a navigational challenge, a challenge I would relish.

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Scallywag's Baltic Cruise 2004

Report by Pete McIntyre.

When I last left the Baltic, I knew I would be back, the interesting places to visit are endless, varied and navigationally challenging and so I set about investigating the ‘possibilities’.

Firstly how long could I go for, or in reality, how many ‘brownie’ points did I have in the bank! After intense negotiations six or seven weeks was the limit. How far could I get in that time? I would have loved to get as far as Russia, taking in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on the way but allowing one week for the North Sea crossings, that leaves three weeks outward and three weeks for the return, or maybe put in all the hard work first by doing two weeks outward and four weeks for the return but the logistics come out the same, still not enough time. Well maybe not this time then but never say never.

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Windrift's Scottish Cruise

Club member Steve Parker's diary of a trip around Scotland:

As I write this story I still can’t believe that it happened and we actually did it, I still have a surreal feeling about it. Not that we did anything dramatic in the whole context of sailing adventures, far from it, but what we did do was fulfill our dream. The dream was to photograph Windrift, a Contessa 26, in Tobermory harbour. We have been there on many previous occasions but the real challenge was the journey.

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Roger's North Sea Crossing

by Roger Buxton

Why would anyone want to sail across the North Sea and back on 4 sheets of plywood, in other words a Silhouette II (a 30 year old one at that!)   There are two reasons, one it was all I had, and two somebody said I couldn't do it.

Once I had made up my mind to tackle the voyage, I decided to try and raise money for charity at the same time.  So, I had a plan, now I needed a crew.  My brother-in-law, David Snodin, initially volunteered to make the trip with me but due to work commitments he had to cry off.  The local newspaper ran an article on my intended trip and I used this to advertise for crew.  Those of you who have made a North Sea crossing would realise the problem I faced in getting someone to make the crossing with me in a 17ft boat.

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