Race Reports

2012 - August 11th 12th & 18th

Scarborough Yacht Club Race Report - weekend 11 & 12 August 2012.

Fifi shows the way.

The Peter Fisher Memorial Trophy is in memory of a stalwart of the yacht club and local sportsman, Peter Fisher.

After his death his well known cap was left hanging in its usual place in the race station which he ably ran for many years. The club decided it should be put in a display case, cap, coat hook and all, with a specially engraved inscription. This weekend the case will be placed in the race station to remember our special long serving – or possibly long suffering - race officer.

The races on both days were very similar in both wind direction and strength. It blew at about 8 to 15 knots from the south west. The course on both occasions took in all of the buoys from the start to the mark near the Spa, out to Cayton, then the Wheatcroft, the Easterly, back to the red at the Castle Foot and back through the line.

Two laps in lovely sailing conditions with all the fun of spinnaker hoists, gybes, the lot.

The starts were both for all classes so it got pretty busy, but there were some good examples of great timing – crossing the start line very close to the start signal is an art in itself.


1st Fifi – Folkboat – Barker

2nd Zeris – Sonata – Sizer

3rd Joker in the Pack – Cork 1729 – Gray, Taylor, Barman

Scarborough Yacht Club – Race report – Brian Lodge Trophy – 18 August 2012

A late high tide meant a mid afternoon start. With superb weather and about a 10 knot, light south westerly breeze, the race station opted for a running start. This is always good fun to see how many spinnakers are hoisted in the short run to the turning mark, just off the Castle Foot. Several opted but it was necessary to have maximum boat manoeuvrability as the short leg needed several gybes as there was little wind in the area at the time.

One boat was disqualified for being over the line at the start – a trickier task then normal with an upwind start. The rest of the fleet continued well bunched up at the first mark and till pretty close at the Wheatcroft. A small collision between Nemo and Joker caused the need for a penalty turn. In fact Joker even hit the Wheatcroft on the second lap due to a sudden drop in the wind and a strong tide pushing the boat onto the large steel buoy. Another penalty turn was needed.

Some great close racing and on such a delightful day. We have been in full waterproofs for what seems like all the season so these last 2 weeks have been great.


1st – Zeris – Sonata – Sizer

2nd – Ruffian – Sigma 36 -MacIntyre

3rd – Aprilis – Hustler 30 – Marton, Baker

2012 Olympic Race

Saturday 21 July was the date set by the body responsible for sailing throughout the UK, the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) to celebrate our Olympic year and try to get as many boats out onto the water as possible.

All sailing and yacht clubs were tasked with putting something on that would get this to happen. So at Scarborough we put on a pursuit race with a bottle of gin as the prize for the first over the line after starting in relation to each boat’s handicap. Basically those with the lightest handicap start first going up to the faster boats which have the greatest time set against them.

We had also run a competition through the Scarborough News for 2 people to come sailing with the Commodore.

Penny and Malcolm McDonald won the prize and took part in the race in Chansa, owned by Andrew Boyes, the sponsor of the annual North Sea Yacht Race. The Commodore of the club, Nick Taylor, was on the helm with Mick Mullane taking charge of the foredeck and Andrew and Nick Boyes doing the rest of the crewing.

Fourteen boats took part and the thought of winning a bottle of gin was very much in their minds. With a pursuit race the start times are staggered, so catching up boats and overtaking is all part of the excitement. With a good breeze from the south west it was also one of the first days of the season where full waterproofs were not needed.

2 laps from the start line off the harbour wall and out to the yellow Wheatcroft Buoy, 2 miles to the south east and then back toward the Castle Headland and back through the starting line. Some excellent spinnaker work from many in the fleet failed to catch up the lovely new Folkboat called Fifi, owned by Johnny Barker who took first place and the bottle of gin.

A good day out for many – around 70 people participating – with Scarborough looking its very best in lovely sunshine.


1st – Fifi, Johnny Barker

2nd – Little Jeannie, Kelvin Robinson

3rd – Whistler, John Livesey

2012 Saturday A Series Race 3 and Sunday A Series Race 3

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th was the third weekend of the Saturday and Sunday Series.

The wind blew from the North on Saturday at about 20 to 25 knots and veered to the North East at about 15 to 20 knots for the Sunday.

There were 2 days of great racing and a knock down on Joker failed to dampen their efforts to secure their first win of the series, which they managed to repeat on the Sunday.

The weather conditions were ideal for the plaining hull boats. The northerly swell combined with a good long down wind leg allowed spinnakers to fly and the boats to hurtle down the rollers to get some amazing speeds – 16.8 knots was the maximum recorded. Not bad for a quick ‘race round the cans’.

A few mishaps here and there over the 2 days but no great damage done – it was certainly not the weather for shorts and t-shirts, but boots, full waterproofs and base layers – roll on summer!


Saturday 19 May:

707: 1st Black Sheep (Clark & Parker)

Class 1: 1st, Joker in the Pack (Gray, Taylor & Barman), 2nd Nemo (Turner)

Class 2: 1st Zeris (Sizer)

Sunday 20 May:

707: 1st Humdinger (Simpson), 2nd, Blue Rusher (Usher)

Class 1: 1st Joker in the Pack (Gray, Taylor & Barman), 2nd Nemo (Turner), 3rd Dash (Donnelly)

Class 2: 1st Zeris (Sizer), 2nd Whistler (Livesey), 3rd Taurus (Mallory)

2012 Saturday A Series Race 2 and Sunday A Series Race 2

Saturday 12 May Race 2 in the Saturday ‘A’ Series

A good stiff breeze from the north east of around 15 knots and a fleet of 12 boats started in bright sunshine which is always a bonus.

We were back in the series race this weekend so competed with three classes.

The course was set largely in south bay and going in towards the mark at Cayton, and then back to the mark off the Spa Complex. The significant northerly swell added to the excitement.


707 Class

1st – Stormchaser, Patrick, 2nd – Black Sheep, Parker & Clarke

Class 1

1st - Dash, Donnoley, 2nd – Nemo, Turner, 3rd – Vado, Russell

Class 2

1st - Zeris, Sizer, 2nd – Aprilis, Marton

Sunday 13 May Race 2 in the Sunday ‘A’ Series

The wind had come round to the west today and was stronger at about 18 knots with some significant shifts and gusts causing a few knock downs but fortunately no damage.

The course was a longer one sending us from a running start, many flying their spinnakers along the side of the Marine Drive where the presence of the headland caused the wind direction to constantly change. Once past and in the open sea off North Bay, the strength of the gusts was considerable and it was here than some of us took the most punishment.

Rounding the Scalby Ness mark, off the Sea Life Centre brought us onto a very close reach down to the ‘Easterly’ buoy and then back in to the South Bay. Class 1 got three laps in whilst the other 2 classes had their courses shortened to just 2.

Both days saw some very close racing especially between Nemo and Joker in the Pack. Nemo won both times on handicap but it was close each time.


707 Class

1st – A Grand Day Out, Bramham

Class 1

1st - Dash, Donnoley, 2nd – Vado, Russell, 3rd – Nemo, Turner

Class 2

1st – Zeris, Sizer, 2nd – Whistler, Livesey, 3rd – Takaza, Chatt.

nemo race report

2012 Sextant Trophy

The beauty of these trophy races is that there is always a big start as the whole fleet is on or near the line at the same time, instead of in smaller groups five minutes apart in their own classes.

Sunday was a lovely day with a north easterly breeze of about 10 to 15 knots, keeping a chill in the air, but good and clear, 12 boats started the race and there was some good competitive sailing.

The 707’s all seemed to get a good start, but soon the likes of Nemo a J80 overtook them and Joker with a crew of only 2, showing some excellent sail handling sills, soon got past them.

The course with a beat to the red hitch mark (confusingly know as the ‘green’) then over to Cayton and then  the ‘red dan’, fortunately a red flag this time, which is just off the Castle Foot, and back to the line off the East Pier.  2 laps saw some exciting sailing on an ideal day for such a race.


1. Zeris, Sizer

2. Nemo, Turner

3. Dash, Donnelly

4. Humdinger, Simpson