Race Reports

2012 Winter Series Race 5

So the penultimate race of the winter series started and finished in pouring rain – the type Peter Kay describes as ‘soaks you right through’. It failed to deter the 24 yachts from putting out to sea in a light breeze which did not lead to any thrills or spills this weekend. 7 of the 707 fleet took part sailing their sausage shaped windward / leeward course, 9 in the Class A and 8 in Class B.

The results were as follows:

707’s -1st G Spot, Temple & Eade, 2nd Stormchaser, Patrick, 3rd Black Sheep, Parker & Clark

Class A, 1st Starchick, Wallace & Kaye, 2nd Revenge, Smith 3rd Ruffian, McIntyre

Class B, 1st Bee Sharp, Turner, 2nd Whistler, Livesey,3rd, Taurus, Mallory

If you have often seen the yachts in the bay and fancied a go, this might be your opportunity.

Scarborough Yacht Club is inviting anyone over the age of 16 who would like to come and ‘give it a go’ the chance to come and join us for a discussion on Friday evening 30 March, followed by some sailing on Saturday 31 March. The Friday evening is a chance to cover the safety points you will need to be aware of, the basics of sailing, what to wear and the need to keep your head out of the way at times! You must come to the Friday session to be able to attend the Saturday.

To find out more, please email Nick Taylor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or call or text him on 07718831818

2012 Winter Series Race 4

A stiff North Westerly breeze of between 15 and 25 knots combined with a long northerly swell greeted the somewhat lethargic crews on Sunday. Saturday night had been the ladies and gentlemens’ dinners – held in separate venues but both great evenings.

Three classes – the 707’s with a course of their own and the other 2 doing a longer course out to the Wheatcroft buoy.

The 707’s were first away and it was good to see some faces joining other boats such as Anthony Dearden and Ed Fanshawe guesting on Black Sheep – and Kate Masser on Humdinger – good to see folk moving round the boats.

Class A were again dominated by Ruffian who was well suited to the heavier conditions. Dash – the boat with the largest crew of the day / month, took a breaking wave right over the lot of them. Such a pity there was no photographer around!

Class B – were less in number but were very competitive with the 2 Sonatas battling it out.




707’s 1st – Humdinger (Simpson), 2nd- G.Spot (Temple, Eade), 3rd – Black Sheep (Parker, Clark)

Class A – 1st Ruffian (McIntyre), 2nd Starchick (Wallace, Kaye), 3rd Vado (Russell)

Class B – 1st Bee Sharp (Turner), 2nd Taurus (Mallory) 3rd Takaza (Chatt)

New Years Day Race 2012

So there it was gone, 2011. For reasons dictated by the tide this year, our annual New Years day race was held on the 2 Jan.  New Year had been and gone, in fact it should have been called the bank Holiday Monday race, but that would have involved re inscribing the trophy, kindly donated by Britain's eldest (active) yachtsman, Brian Sizer.

Its probably just as well that the race was deferred a day, having seen the state that many of the entrants were in on New Years Eve, attending the Bi annual Jack Sparrow lookalike/sound-alike/wobble about like you’ve been shot alike contest, hosted this year by SYC, 2 years ago by the Appledore racing gig club, and 2013 by the Red Lion Inn, Clovelly.  Make a note in your diary.  So that’s enough trivia, more about today's race.

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Bucko's 2011 North Sea Race

The annual race from Scarborough to Ijmuiden, pronounced Ijjee- moodenn, well it is if you’re Lee Scaife! is one of the highlights of our racing calendar, with Skippers and crews looking forward to it all year? For the life of me I can’t think why. I have long held the opinion, (since my first crossing in 84), that the North Sea race should take part on the overnight ferry from Hull to Rotterdam, and the ‘race’ bit should involve a scalextric, (Google it) and copious amounts of ale! How anyone can derive pleasure from spending anything up to 60 hrs, (it’s been known to be more), on such an inhospitable, bleak, lumpy, grey cold and monotonous stretch of water, is beyond me.

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2011 Vernon Dawson

The Vernon Dawson race 2011 or When Bucko nearly found Nemo, (the Disney character, not the J80 owned by Mike Turner that has a dispensation from the European parliament in Brussels which means they don’t have to comply with port starboard collision regulations, you’ve been warned).

Apologies for this report being some 3 weeks late, but now the headaches have gone and the nightmares are diminishing, its time to put pen to paper.

The Vernon Dawson, a Whitby Yacht Club race is held annually, and is exclusively open to yachts from Scarborough and Whitby clubs. Well that’s what the race instructions said, however, if you’re from Bridlington you can enter if you pay a tenner, not many people know that.

The course is from Scarborough to Whitby, and historically with the prevailing SW winds, (well they were before global warming), it has usually meant the slower boats with a higher handicap had a chance of finishing with a good result. A fact not missed by the only Brid boat to part with a tenner, last year’s winner, Contessa Juliette. Another Brid boat, Starchick, previous SYC regatta winner had sneaked in under the radar, and was now a fully fledged member of Scarborough YC and with a pontoon berth to boot, how did that happen? (And when’s he going to get a proper handicap?)

For those that don’t know, Starchick is Starlight 30, like Starry Night, only it isn’t.

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