Race Reports

New Years Day Race 2011

I cannot help thinking Brian Sizer had mischief in mind, when he inaugurated the first New Year’s Day Race back in 2000. What normal person wants to get up on New Year’s Day after celebrating in the traditional way the previous evening, to sail a boat around the race track in conditions that would not have been unfamiliar to Sir Ernest Shackelton in 1916, (Google him). I think we have the answer in the phrase normal person, for Brian is not normal, he is a Jedi, (Google em), and for that, and a million other reasons, he is to be respected, but I still ask the question, why? (Not why is he a Jedi, why do we have to race on New Year’s Day).

It’s a good job I got first prize for the men’s fancy dress, along with the Lady Commodore who won best lady, (deservedly so) at the excellent New Years Eve party organised by retiring rear commodore Paul, cos I was going to win diddly squat on the race track today. I hadn’t the heart to tell them I wasn’t in fancy dress, just my normal going out clothes for the Whitby Goth weekends!

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2010 Autumn Series Race 5

Today was the 5th race of the Autumn Series. In slightly milder temperatures last race, I had (in a sober moment, or was it, I lose track) agreed to help crew Humdinger, as the Wolfman and Wayne, (still a cracking name for a country and western band) were away, and my 70, that’s seven ooooooh, to the unitianated, was only launched yesterday, it made better sense for me to break someone else’s boat instead of mine, and in the process we could continue to flatten out the learning curve. It’s going to take some flattening! (I could always sit on it, (the learning curve) that might speed things up).

I had rather hoped, looking at Saturdays forecast for Sunday, that the northerly gale predicted would materialise, and then I could have spent the afternoon in the club. It was not to be, and 13, unlucky for some as we would later find out, skippers and crews in a variety of hats, we’ve been here before, and I still think it was a lot more fun when boats lifted out straight after the nine gallon race, and were kept safe and dry ‘til the following Easter, prepared to race.

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2010 Autumn Series Race 4

Considering this was the day after the night before, i.e. SYC annual dinner dance and prize giving, we had an excellent turnout of 19 boats, with skippers and crews in various states of hungoverdness. Some looked, rough, and I mean rough.

Bruce looked the roughest, but there are no prizes, as he has a head start. I’ve never seen him not look rough. Today, he was especially rough, and had obviously thought today was the first day of spring, and put his clock forward an hour last night. Why else would he have turned up 1 hour early for the race?

My ‘70’ is still in the shed, I had just been and had a shave on the keel, it’s that sharp. So being temporarily boatless, I was pleased to accept an offer from the Wolfman to crew on Humdinger. If I am going to straighten out the learning curve, then this was the team to be with.

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2010 Autumn Series Race 3

Race 3 of the Autumn Series, how fast is autumn going, (not fast enough for me, I’m waiting for the daffs to start showing).

I had decided not to race today for several reasons. Metcheck’s earlier forecast of 420mph winds from the north east had made me slightly weary, if that forecast came true, I would need some really strong string to keep my bonnet on with, and as I’m preparing my new 70, (that’s Hunter 707 for the uninitiated), I needed the time to get my keel, which is now honed finer than Taras Bulbas sword (Google him), ready for the anticipated launch day. Date to be announced and you’re all invited. I had also been fired from TS Sin Bin, now the regular crew had returned, cast aside like an old oily rag, but I bear no grudges.

Forecast of winds strong enough to blow the sugar out of your tea didn’t deter 16 brave teams from preparing for today’s race. Four boats entered in the 70 class, Humdinger, with the Wolfman and his team resplendent in matching oilies. Team clothing is always good, not only do you look like a finely tuned team, but if you get into a fight in the pub you know whose side you’re on. Sin Bin, with owners little and large, sorry, Richard and Richard back from there various escapades abroad, Stormchaser, with owner Tom, still distracted as he tries to find funding to enable him to lift out for various open meetings next year, and the new kids on the block, Grand Day Out, owned by Jack Sparrows cat, and one half of team Sparkle, (not the one that’s handy with a pair of scissors).

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2010 Autumn Series Race 2

I’ve dusted off the quills, recharged the inkwell, and am back in business to report on the races for the autumn and winter series. Oh whoopy doo some of you may cry, but I was asked, and there is nothing for anyone to worry about, unless of course your actions on the race track (or off it) are brought to my attention.

This seasons races are going to be difficult for me to report on accurately, as now I’m a 707 skipper, or ‘70’ if you want to be cool, I’m going to be so far in front I will miss a lot of the action, so if any of you witness events that you feel deserve to go into print, please tell me. (No fees will be paid).

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