Race Reports

2010 Winter Series Race 6

The clocks went forward last night, so that’s the official start of British summertime, Warsash sailing club are holding the 3rd race of the spring series, but here at SYC we are still battling it out in the winter series. Maybe next year we can look at the race schedule and not drag winter out any longer than it needs to be. No wonder the daffodils are confused.

I decided not to race to today, for no other reason than I didn’t want to. I think I need some of that shampoo Cheryl Cole is advertising, the one that’s “gonna get me Mojo back, why aye pet bonnie lad”. However, seeing how the forecast of light west winds for today transformed into winds gusting in excess of 40 knts, I made the right call. My crew are oblivious of the fact that ‘it’s me mojo that’s went’ (Cheryl speak), they just think I’m an old salt that can forecast the weather accurately by gazing skyward, squeezing the seaweed, and seeing whether the man or the woman comes out of the cuckoo clock first!

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2010 Winter Series Races 5 & 1

I wasn’t going to be fooled, it takes more than a few hours of sunshine, a carpet of snowdrops, a few glimpses of a daffodil shoot, and an invasion of day-trippers to make me believe that spring is finally here.  I know that by this time next week we could well be having to dress like Nanook, (Google him), to go about our daily business.  However, that didn’t stop our Lady Commodore casting a vest this weekend, taken in by those early, fickle signs that the good lord likes to torment us with.

I had previous commitments, (thankfully), so was unable to take part in this weekends Race 5 of the Winter Series, but 15 crews, (obviously less wussy than me) were happy to get there boats ready for this 5th race in the series of 6.  The race committee had also decided that should conditions allow, 2 races would be sailed today, to try and catch up with those missed due to inclement weather.

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2010 Winter Series Race 4 (the race that never was)

When I have to get dressed up like Ben Fogle and James Cracknell in an episode of ‘On thin ice’ my enthusiasm starts to wane. With the threat of Cyclone Cynthia ‘booling’ up the channel, and all the nasty weather that would therein ensue, I had made the decision to watch today’s proceedings from the warmth of the bar.

However, the threat of a cyclone did not deter 12 keen, enthusiastic, adventurous, determined, bad home life, under achievers in the workplace, (I’m sure one will fit) skippers and crews braving the elements to compete in today’s race. There were several mixed crews today, as is the norm for winter racing, when a few skippers winterize there boats, preferring to sail on, and break other peoples. Joker in the Pack's crew swelled the numbers on Troika, (someone needed to) Resolute's crew on Vado, whilst Tomahawk had amongst their ranks, some of Zeris crew, and professional raffle winner Steve Parker, whose own boat is drying out in a large pizza oven in Whitby.

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2010 Winter Series Race 3

So here we are again, the new look web site is up and running, and I’ve been asked to do a report on the days racing again, it’s like we’ve never been away.

As you all know, I am a fully paid up member of the BBTE (bring back the eighties) club. Not only because it would mean I could wear shoulder pads again, but in those halcyon days we lifted the boats out before the nine gallon barrel was empty, and didn’t think about putting them back in until the first daffs appeared under the Valley Bridge (and then it was only a thought). Sunday mornings were spent in bed, with a cup of tea, reading all the gossip in the tabloids, Steve Wrights ‘Sunday love songs’ on the wireless, and a loved one tending to your boiled eggs, (and that is a purely culinary reference).

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