Race Reports

2012 Crystal Bowl

A total of 8 boats ventured out into the bay on Saturday to compete in the Crystal Bowl trophy race. A long course was set with the first mark being Cayton, then to Scalby outfall and finally arriving back at the finish line.

The race station had chosen a downwind start, which made for a testing start to the race with a large northerly following swell. First to cross the line, showing fantastic speed and control of their spinnaker, was the 707 Humdinger. After rounding the green hitch mark just offshore of the Spa, all crews headed up into the wind to set sail for Cayton, with some carrying spinnakers all the way. The gusty wind made difficulties for some, highlighted by a good broach from the 707 Second Fiddle. Again Humdinger was first to the Cayton mark. Sadly this would be the last time they would be in control as they were quickly overtaken by Stormchaser, then Nemo and then everyone else.

A long beat from Cayton to Scalby sorted the men from the boys as a biting Northerly wind buffeted the crews. Stormchaser and Nemo showed great upwind performance for the entire leg and were the first two yachts to Scalby. The heavier boats Dash and Windshear were equally able to carve their way North. A gybe round the Scalby mark was quickly followed by the hosting of spinnakers. The extra speed gained downwind from a decent breeze and following swell meant the first boats were able to consolidate their lead.


1. Stormchaser, Tom Patrick

2. Nemo, Dave & Mike Turner

3. Dash, Martin Donnelly

4. Windshear, Ed Peacock

2012 Coastal Race 1

Saturday’s race was the first of the Coastal Series where we set off sailing for the most of the day. The sportsboats do not tend to enter these races as we often have a course of Whitby and back for example, and if the weather is bad, you are a bit too exposed in that sort of craft. If the weather forecast is a good one however, they are fine.

This Saturday was a poor forecast with NE Force 3 to 5 winds blowing with a considerable swell. (And we all knew that would be the least of our concerns) This combination is what the sailors of old dreaded – a lee shore.

The 09.00 start saw 5 boats set off on this occasion to Whitby Bell buoy and back, a distance of around 36 miles.

It was a long slog up to wind till we were abreast of the north side of Robin Hoods Bay and then we cracked the sheets, gradually easing to a beam reach when we got to the buoy.

We were some 5 miles short of the mark when we met Zephyr, a Maldives 32 catamaran coming back south, who completed the course in 3hours 59 minutes. This must be a record for a Scarborough boat.

We rounded and came back on the opposite tack at a good pace but there was too much wind to fly spinnakers. It was one of the coldest day’s sailing many of us had experienced. We look forward to the balmy summer days where this race has been know to take up to 9 hours!

The results are as follows:

1st Zephyr, Fry; 2nd Ruffian, McIntyre; 3rd, Whistler, Livesey; 4th Chansa, Boyes (sailed by Taylor).

2012 Dragon Trophy

With a forecast of almost no wind at all and heavy showers, the lure of racing for the Dragon Trophy was still enough to attract 14 yachts to enter the race.

The rain nearly stayed away, but we were not let down on the light wind forecast.

Joker in the Pack, the very fast Cork 1720, got a great start and was the first to the windward mark and subsequently the Cayton Buoy, but there she stopped in no wind at all, with the tide sweeping them back towards Filey. The rest of the fleet caught up and there were a whole load of yachts virtually motionless all within a couple of hundred yards of each other.

At the beginning of the season and because it is still pretty chilly, this is not a time to catch 40 winks, discuss the merits of various football clubs or have a beer, but the concentration on trying to make the boat move in the right direction was quite impressive. Wait till it is warm and sunny and the laughter can be heard all over the South bay.

Nemo chose the right strategy and sailed close to the shore to get out of the adverse tide, enabling them to start moving towards the finish. They also got the first of the very light NW breeze and pulled away from the rest of the fleet.

Joker got over the line a few moments later and the bunching of the rest of the fleet was considerable. It was therefore the day for the Sonatas, the most advantageously handicapped boats – the results are as follows:

1st Zeris - Sizer, 2nd, Taurus - Mallory, 3rd, Whistler – Livesey



2012 Saturday A Series Race 1 and Sunday A Series Race 1

After a winter series of reasonable breezes and occasional sunny weather, you would like to think that by April it starts to get a little milder.  Not this weekend.  We had two days of ferocious squalls, knock downs (especially in our case) and some of the most exciting sailing you can imagine.  Not for beginners this weekend!

Saturday was the first race in the Saturday ‘A’ Series saw wind in the North of between 16 and 20 knots.  The course was from the East Pier start line to the Scalby Ness buoy off the Seal Life Centre and back to the Spa Complex buoy – 2 laps.  Well there were knock downs – where the yacht is laid on its side as a consequence of the strength of the squall – spinnaker wraps and in one case of poor Stormchaser, complete annihilation.

All got home safely and the results were as follows.

Saturday Series A Race 1

707’s 1st Humdinger, Simpson, 2nd, Black Sheep, Clark and Parker, 3rd, Stormchaser, Patrick

Class 1, 1st, Nemo, Turner, 2nd, Vado, Russell, 3rd, Dash, Donneley


Sunday saw the crews gathering on the East Pier discussing what they might do as the wind had shifted round to the North East.  Still an icy blast – blowing between 18, and as we found out on the water, around 35 knots in the squalls.

The course was more compact this time around South Bay, out to our ‘Easterly’ buoy, around a mile off the harbour. No-one dared fly spinnakers today as it was just too strong.  In fact the slightly smaller 707 fleet all stayed in the harbour as this is great weather to break boats.

4 laps saw some very fast sailing – it taking 14 minutes on average to complete one.  A heavy squall accompanied by stinging hail challenged us some more half way through, followed by bright sunshine.

An exhilarating race but we were all grateful for the warmth of the clubhouse on our return.

Sorry for the lack of any photographs – we were a little ‘busy’!


Class 1, 1st, Nemo, Turner, 2nd, Vado, Russell, 3rd, Dash, Donneley

Class 2, 1st, Zaris, Sizer, 2nd, Whistler, Livesey, 3rd Takaza, Chatt.

2012 Winter Series Race 6

Last Sunday was the final race of our winter series and although the results in 2 of the classes for the series had already been won on points, 14 boats prepared for one of the best races we have had off Scarborough for a long time.

There was a good north westerly breeze of about 14 knots, a reasonable swell, again from the north and a crystal clear sky.

The course set was an upwind ‘beat’ to the buoy off the Sea Life Centre called ‘Scalby Ness’ with a rollercoaster of a run down to our own race mark off the Spa Complex for 2 laps.

There were more ‘yee-ha’s’ per minute than we have seen for some time as many of our boats surfed down the long rollers with their spinnakers flying. This is when the payback comes for the occasional soggy outing like we had 2 weeks ago. Yes many of us got wet, but it failed to dampen the spirits.


707’s 1st Black Sheep – Parker & Clark, 2nd, Stormchaser- Patrick, 3rd G Spot, Temple & Eade -

Overall Series – Humdinger – Simpson

Class 1. 1st Starchick - Wallace & Kaye, 2nd, Vado – Russell, 3rd Joker in the Pack – Gray, Taylor & Barman

Overall Series – Ruffian - McIntyre

Class 2. 1st Bee Sharp – Turner, 2nd Whistler – Livesey, 3rd Taurus – Mallory

Overall Series – Bee Sharp - Turner