Race Reports

2012 Winter Series Race 4

A stiff North Westerly breeze of between 15 and 25 knots combined with a long northerly swell greeted the somewhat lethargic crews on Sunday. Saturday night had been the ladies and gentlemens’ dinners – held in separate venues but both great evenings.

Three classes – the 707’s with a course of their own and the other 2 doing a longer course out to the Wheatcroft buoy.

The 707’s were first away and it was good to see some faces joining other boats such as Anthony Dearden and Ed Fanshawe guesting on Black Sheep – and Kate Masser on Humdinger – good to see folk moving round the boats.

Class A were again dominated by Ruffian who was well suited to the heavier conditions. Dash – the boat with the largest crew of the day / month, took a breaking wave right over the lot of them. Such a pity there was no photographer around!

Class B – were less in number but were very competitive with the 2 Sonatas battling it out.




707’s 1st – Humdinger (Simpson), 2nd- G.Spot (Temple, Eade), 3rd – Black Sheep (Parker, Clark)

Class A – 1st Ruffian (McIntyre), 2nd Starchick (Wallace, Kaye), 3rd Vado (Russell)

Class B – 1st Bee Sharp (Turner), 2nd Taurus (Mallory) 3rd Takaza (Chatt)