Race Reports

2012 Dragon Trophy

With a forecast of almost no wind at all and heavy showers, the lure of racing for the Dragon Trophy was still enough to attract 14 yachts to enter the race.

The rain nearly stayed away, but we were not let down on the light wind forecast.

Joker in the Pack, the very fast Cork 1720, got a great start and was the first to the windward mark and subsequently the Cayton Buoy, but there she stopped in no wind at all, with the tide sweeping them back towards Filey. The rest of the fleet caught up and there were a whole load of yachts virtually motionless all within a couple of hundred yards of each other.

At the beginning of the season and because it is still pretty chilly, this is not a time to catch 40 winks, discuss the merits of various football clubs or have a beer, but the concentration on trying to make the boat move in the right direction was quite impressive. Wait till it is warm and sunny and the laughter can be heard all over the South bay.

Nemo chose the right strategy and sailed close to the shore to get out of the adverse tide, enabling them to start moving towards the finish. They also got the first of the very light NW breeze and pulled away from the rest of the fleet.

Joker got over the line a few moments later and the bunching of the rest of the fleet was considerable. It was therefore the day for the Sonatas, the most advantageously handicapped boats – the results are as follows:

1st Zeris - Sizer, 2nd, Taurus - Mallory, 3rd, Whistler – Livesey