Race Reports

2012 Sextant Trophy

The beauty of these trophy races is that there is always a big start as the whole fleet is on or near the line at the same time, instead of in smaller groups five minutes apart in their own classes.

Sunday was a lovely day with a north easterly breeze of about 10 to 15 knots, keeping a chill in the air, but good and clear, 12 boats started the race and there was some good competitive sailing.

The 707’s all seemed to get a good start, but soon the likes of Nemo a J80 overtook them and Joker with a crew of only 2, showing some excellent sail handling sills, soon got past them.

The course with a beat to the red hitch mark (confusingly know as the ‘green’) then over to Cayton and then  the ‘red dan’, fortunately a red flag this time, which is just off the Castle Foot, and back to the line off the East Pier.  2 laps saw some exciting sailing on an ideal day for such a race.


1. Zeris, Sizer

2. Nemo, Turner

3. Dash, Donnelly

4. Humdinger, Simpson