Race Reports

2012 Saturday A Series Race 3 and Sunday A Series Race 3

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th was the third weekend of the Saturday and Sunday Series.

The wind blew from the North on Saturday at about 20 to 25 knots and veered to the North East at about 15 to 20 knots for the Sunday.

There were 2 days of great racing and a knock down on Joker failed to dampen their efforts to secure their first win of the series, which they managed to repeat on the Sunday.

The weather conditions were ideal for the plaining hull boats. The northerly swell combined with a good long down wind leg allowed spinnakers to fly and the boats to hurtle down the rollers to get some amazing speeds – 16.8 knots was the maximum recorded. Not bad for a quick ‘race round the cans’.

A few mishaps here and there over the 2 days but no great damage done – it was certainly not the weather for shorts and t-shirts, but boots, full waterproofs and base layers – roll on summer!


Saturday 19 May:

707: 1st Black Sheep (Clark & Parker)

Class 1: 1st, Joker in the Pack (Gray, Taylor & Barman), 2nd Nemo (Turner)

Class 2: 1st Zeris (Sizer)

Sunday 20 May:

707: 1st Humdinger (Simpson), 2nd, Blue Rusher (Usher)

Class 1: 1st Joker in the Pack (Gray, Taylor & Barman), 2nd Nemo (Turner), 3rd Dash (Donnelly)

Class 2: 1st Zeris (Sizer), 2nd Whistler (Livesey), 3rd Taurus (Mallory)