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SYC Race Marks 2017

2017 Marks


No1-        Inner limit mark

No2-        Outer limit mark - Staff, Black flag                       054°16.8N     000°23.0W

No3-        North turning mark - Staff, Orange flag            054°17.0N     000°22.7W

No4-        Scalby outfall – Red Can                                             054°18.6N     000°23.4W

No5-        SYC Easterly mark – Yellow Spar Buoy             054°17.0N     000°22.0W

No5a-      SYC Outer mark - Staff, Orange flag                   054°17.3N     000°20.7W

No6-        Wheatcroft outfall – Yellow Can                           054°16.3N     000°20.5W

No7-        SYC Cayton mark – Yellow Spar Buoy               054°15.7N     000°21.5W

No8-        South turning mark - Staff, Orange flag            054°16.7N     000°23.2W

No9-        Filey Bell Buoy – E Cardinal                                     054°12.7N     000°14.6W

“M”          Middle Mark- Red Blobber                                        054°16.6N     000°22.1W

Temporary marks may be laid and will be identified by VHF prior to the start.