Racing Marks & Courses



One lap of a standard course will consist of a circuit of buoys listed as follows:-

A:-       Start South about, SL,8,2,7,6,4,3,FL - all buoys to port          (Diamond port)

B:-       Start North about, SL,3,4,6,7,8,FL - all buoys to stbd.            (Diamond stbd)

C:-       Start South about, SL,8,2,3,6,4,3,FL - all buoys to port.         (North triangle port)

D:-       Start North about, SL,3,4,6,3,2,8,FL -all buoys to stbd.          (North Triangle stbd)

E:-       Start South about, SL,8.2.3,6,5,3,FL - all buoys to port.         (Mid Triangle port)

F:-       Start North about, SL,3,2,5,6.3.2,8,FL -all buoys to stbd.       (Mid Triangle stbd)

G:-       Start South about, SL,8,2,7,6,2,3,FL - all buoys to port          (South Triangle port)

H:-       Start North about, SL,3,2,6,7,2,8,FL - all buoys to stbd.         (South Triangle stbd)

I:-         Start South about, SL,8,2,3,4,3,FL - all buoys to port             (Scalby & back port)

J:-        Start North about, SL,3,4,3,2,8,FL - all buoys to stbd.            (Scalby & back stbd)

K;-       Start South about,SL,8,2,3,5,2,3,FL -all buoys to port.           (Easterly & back port)

L:-        Start North about, SL,3,2,5,3,2,8,FL -all buoys to stbd.          (Easterly & back stbd)

M:-      Start South about, SL,8,2,3,6,2,3,FL -all buoys to port.          (Wheatcroft & back port)

N:-       Start North about, SL,3,2,6,3,2,8,FL -all buoys to stbd.          (Wheatcroft & back stbd)

O:-       Start South about, SL,8,2,7,8,2,3,FL -all buoys to port.          (Cayton & back port)

P:-       Start North about, SL,3,2,8,7,2,8,FL -all buoys to stbd.          (Cayton & back stbd)

W:-      See 5.7 Windward – Leeward course instructions.

X:-       Any course announced via VHF detailing order of marks and side to be left.

Note:- Buoy 5a may be substituted for buoy 5, to be announced by VHF.

One lap of a Combined Course will consist of a circuit as detailed above:- C,D,E,F,G or H and a Windward-Leeward loop including the starting buoys and the windward mark, 2nd board indicates windward mark.

5.7.1 Races will be started from the race station using the starting sequence as detailed in 4.1 to 4.8
5.7.2 A mark will be laid to give a windward leg either from or to the appropriate turning mark in the start area, approximate bearing to be announced by the race station.
5.7.3 Marks to be left either to Port or Starboard as designated by a board displayed at the race station.

Alternative courses additional to the above may be announced by VHF CH37 or detailed on the racing notice board in the clubhouse, Code flag “L” will be flown. (7.2.2 "L" when displayed afloat or ashore means: "Come within hail". Verbal Instructions issued by Voice and/or VHF.) Board “X” to be displayed at the Race Station. Note marks may be left either to Port or Starboard or any combination. It is advised that a means of writing down the course is made available.