2015 Trophy Winners

Trophy Series/Race   Winner
1 off glass bowl 125 year Anniversary Race Joker in the Pack
Johnson First Over Cup First Over - Hon Handicapper Joker in the Pack
Prudential tray Autumn Series Sportsboat Nemo
Dragon Trophy 1 off Bay Nemo
EMU Trophy EMU Trophy Nemo
Sextant Trophy Sextant Trophy 1 off Bay Nemo
Sizer Two Handed Cup Two Handed Race Nemo
Sonata Trophy Sunday Bay Sportsboat Nemo
Turton Decanter Late Summer Sportsboat Nemo
Tankard Autumn Series 707 A Grand Day Out
Look after your heart trophy Autumn Series Cruiser Ruffian
Sizer Millennium Cup New Years Day Race Black Sheep
Stephen Slade Trophy Winter Series Sportsboat Black Sheep
Tankard Winter Series 707 Black Sheep
Peter Fisher Cup Cadet Race1 off Bay Black Sheep
Lady Helmsmans Trophy Lady Helmsman's Race Black Sheep
Rodger Kennedy Memorial Trophy Winter Series Cruiser Vado
Sydney Carter 1 off Coastal H/pool Vado
Shepard cup Return from Hartlepool Vado
Nine Gallon Barrel Trophy 9 Gallon Barrel -one off bay  Vado
Hawksleigh Bedford Cup Sunday Bay IRC A Vado
MPD Heavyweight Cup Saturday Bay IRC A Dash
Marsay trophy Early Summer Cruiser B Dash
Crystal Bowl 1 off Bay Dash
Meridian Trophy 1 off Coastal  Dash
Deardon Stag Saturday Bay Sportsboat Second Fiddle
Sapphire Cup Saturday Bay 707 Second Fiddle
Tankard Sunday Bay 707 Second Fiddle
Cummin Trophy Early Summer Sportsboat Second Fiddle
Ravenscar Cup 1 off Bay Second Fiddle
Brian Lodge Trophy Brian Lodge - 1 off Bay Second Fiddle
Peter Fisher Memorial Trophy Peter Fisher bay Second Fiddle
Thompson Barometer Saturday Bay IRC B Zeris
Pindar Rose Bowl Sunday Bay IRC B Zeris
SYC Dragon Tray Early Summer Cruiser A Zeris
Shuttleworth Bowl Coastal series Midnight Express
Trenholme Trophy Late Summer Cruiser A Midnight Express
Willowgrove Trophy Midweek Series Kassy
Handicappers Tankard Handicappers Trophy Kassy
Catriona Cup Late Summer Cruiser B Enzo
RNLI Pennant RNLI Pennant 1 off Bay Enzo
Fishermens Wives Trophy Fishermans Wives1 off Bay Enzo
Shagreen Trophy Shagreen  - Sailing Com Shameless
Seawife of Year salver Sea Wife - Sailing Committee Helen Baker
Abacus Trophy Cruising - Sailing Committee Fairway Girl
Pindar Export Trophy North Sea Race IRC A Dash
North Sea Trophy (tray) North Sea Race IRC B Vado
Elson Trophy North Sea Race SYC Phoenix
Commodore's Trophy Smartest Ship at Regatta Valkyrie
Sinner Cup SYC Regatta SYC Club Juliette
Bright Bowl SYC Regatta Sports Boats Black Sheep
Scarborough Townsman’s Cup SYC Regatta IRC A Roustabout
Scarborough Corporation Trophy (tray) SYC Regatta IRC B Vado
Regatta Pursuit Trophy SYC Regatta Pursuit Race Vado

2014 Trophy Winners

North Sea Race:

Class PY1 - Jaeger


Cruiser A - Starchick

Cruiser B - Zeris

Sports Boats - Nemo

707 Class - Second Fiddle

Pursuit Race - Endeavour

Autumn series:

707 Class - Nemo

Class 1 - Ruffian

Class 2  - Aprilis

New Years Day Race:

All classes - Queen Annes Revenge

Winter Series:

707 Class - Humdinger

Class 1 - Ruffian

Class 2 - Little Jeannie

May Series:

Sports Boats  - Nemo

707 Class  - Shameless

Cruiser - Zeris

Summer Series:

Sports Boats  - Nemo

707 - G Spot

Cruiser - Vado

Emu series - Zeris

Midweek series - Nemo

Coastal Series - Midnight Express IV

Saturday Bay series:

707 Class - Second Fiddle

Sportsboat - Nemo

Cruiser - Zeris

Sunday Bay Series:

707 Class - A Grand Day Out

Sportsboat - Nemo

Cruiser - Vado

White Sail - Corumba

One off bay races all classes racing as one through the Summer months:

Brian Lodge Trophy - Nemoie

Lady Helms Trophy - Ruffian - Emma Nutt

Dragon Trophy - Second Fiddle

Ravenscar Cup - Second Fiddle

Peter Fisher Cup (Cadet) - Josh Clark (Black Sheep)

Fishermans Wives Trophy - A Grand Day Out

Peter Fisher Memorial Trophy - Zeris

Sizer Two Handed Trophy - Nemo

RNLI Pennant - Zeris

Crystal Bowl - Vado/Second Fiddle 

Sextant Trophy - Nemo

Nine Gallon Barrel - Vado

Shagreen Trophy - Dash

Handicappers Trophy – boat sailing closest to given handicap

Handicappers Tankard - Black Sheep

Most First over’s at race starts

Johnson First Over Cup - Second Fiddle

Sea Wife of the year trophy presented for sailing and work within the club

Seawife of the year salver - Helen Baker