2016 Trophy Winners

Trophy Series/Race   Winner
Nine Gallon Barrel Trophy 1 off Bay Black Sheep
Tankard Autumn Series 707 Black Sheep
Prudential tray Autumn Series Sportsboat Black Sheep
Stephen Slade Trophy Winter Series Sportsboat/707 Black Sheep
Tankard Winter Series 707 Black Sheep
MPD Heavyweight Cup A Saturday Bay IRC A Dash
Meridian Trophy Meridian Race Dash
Peter Fisher Cup Cadet Race1 off Bay (Dash) Ben Bramley Dash
Brian Lodge Trophy 1 off Bay Enzo
Catriona Cup 1 off Bay Enzo
Dragon Trophy 1 off Bay Enzo
Fishermens Wives Trophy 1 off Bay Enzo
John Elson Autumn Cup Autumn Series Cruiser B Enzo
Lady Helmsmans Trophy 1 off Bay Enzo
Laughton Tray One off Coastal (VD return) Enzo
Pindar Rose Bowl A Sunday Bay IRC B Enzo
Thompson Barometer Winter Series Cruiser B Enzo
Sapphire Cup A Saturday Bay IRC B Enzo
Sextant Trophy 1 off Bay Enzo
Shuttleworth Bowl Coastal series Enzo
Sizer Two Handed Cup Two Handed Race Enzo
SYC Dragon Tray 1 off Bay Enzo
Trenholme Trophy 1 off Bay Enzo
Turton Decanter 1 off Bay Enzo
Peter Fisher Memorial Trophy Peter Fisher series Juliette
RNLI Pennant 1 off Bay Juliette
Sizer Millennium Cup New Years Day Race Juliette
Crystal Bowl 1 off Bay Midnight Express IV
Handicappers Tankard Handicappers Trophy Midnight Express IV
Hawksleigh Bedford Cup A Sunday Bay IRC A Midnight Express IV
Deardon Stag A Sunday Bay Sportsboat Second Fiddle
Tankard A Sunday Bay 707 Second Fiddle
Cummin Trophy (New B Temple) 1 off Bay Vado
Johnson First Over Cup First Over - Hon Handicapper Vado
Look after your heart trophy Autumn Series Cruiser A Vado
Willowgrove Trophy Midweek Series Vado
Rodger Kennedy Memorial Trophy Winter Series Cruiser A Vision
EMU Trophy EMU Series Zeris
Marsay trophy 1 off Bay Zeris
Ravenscar Cup 1 off Bay Zeris
Shagreen Trophy Shagreen  - Sailing Com Troika
Abacus Trophy Cruising - Sailing Committee Corumba
Seawife of Year salver Sea Wife - Sailing Committee Jan Stallard
Bright Bowl SYC Regatta Sports Boats Second Fiddle
Sinner Cup SYC Regatta Light/707 Second Fiddle
Scarborough Corporation Trophy (tray) SYC Regatta Cruiser B Juliette
Scarborough Townsman’s Cup SYC Regatta Cruiser A Revenge
Regatta Pursuit Trophy SYC Regatta Pursuit Race Joker in the Pack
Commodore's Trophy Smartest Ship at Regatta Valkyrie
Pindar Export Trophy North Sea Race IRC A Icon
North Sea Trophy (tray) North Sea Race IRC B Windshear
Elson Trophy (New) North Sea Race SYC Llamudos II