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A Grand Day Out


Black Sheep



Bruce Temple and Matt Eade are often to be found in the flags, and at the bar!



Joker in the Pack

Robin Gray is often seen out with his sons with Rudi Barman and Nick Taylor striving to get the best out of the 1720's blistering pace, often with spectacular results especially with the big kite up!


Following from the success shown by his fathers Sonata, Bee Sharp, Mike Turner is as competitive as ever with dad still on the helm.  The J80 is often at the head of the fleet and always a force to be reckoned with.

Scarborough Fair IV


Second Fiddle

Anthony is the third generation of the Dearden dynasty to sail out of Scarborough and the wealth of experience gleaned here and on the south coast makes him a wily opponent.


Shameless is crewed by a new skipper (John) with a new team (Chris & Glenn) John and Glenn are both new to racing. We’ve just completed our first season this year and looking forward to the next. Because were new to the racing scene, we don’t expect any podium places, but we have really good fun and were learning lots from the more experienced crews in the club and hopefully giving them a run for their money at times. Were a really friendly boat that’s always ready to welcome new crew of whatever level of experience.



blue rusher

 White Wolf