Scarborough Yacht Club Sailing Results 24th and 25th April 2021

By Chris Clark SYC Press Officer

SCARBOROUGH YACHT CLUB — 30 th April 2021 – A competitive weekend
sailing sees popular support from Leeds University’s Sailing Club.
Scarborough Yacht Club ran two races on 24 th and 25 th April, welcoming five Students
from Leeds University Sailing Club for a second year.

The two races were a Scarborough Yacht Club (SYC) single class Commodore’s 2 Cup on
Saturday 24 th April, and Spring 2, a four class race. Both had good turnouts as crews,
relieved to be back on the water after lockdown, showed determination and enthusiasm
to make each day an event.

Scarborough Yacht Club and the 707 Association welcomed back five students from
Leeds University Sailing Club (LUSC) for the second year. They were Natalie Clarkson,
Harry Tilling, William Setra, Sam Hughes, and Nicholas Murphy. The 707 Association
have again lent their boat ‘Miss Moneypenny’ to SYC & LUSC for a full sailing year to
encourage youth participation and sailing progression in Scarborough.

The University team will race against local crews in races over the next year in a one-
design fleet where every boat is identical.

Local accommodation the Boatshed Hostel on Quay Street just off the harbour were
fantastically supportive providing discounted accommodation for the 5 University
sailors each weekend of the racing.

LUSCs Harry Tilling commented:
“We are delighted to be able to get back out on the water and give our university
sailors the opportunity to experience keelboat sailing thanks to Scarborough Yacht
Club and the 707 association. After a lovely weekend of sunshine sailing we cannot
wait for the rest of the season and to hopefully continually improve our performance
as the weeks go on – and maybe get the course right next time!

Having the opportunity to sail Miss Moneypenny allows us to give a variety of sailors
the chance to experience keelboating – from dinghy sailors to avid yachters – and it is
an extremely fun change from the freezing cold dinghy sailing we usually do.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Scarborough Yacht Club, we are
continually made to feel so welcome and we can’t thank you all enough for your
continued support and help!

Having the opportunity to sail!”

Racing took place in fine cool weather on both days, although unfortunately ‘Miss
Moneypenny’ was disqualified on the Saturday race after passing a buoy on the wrong


Spring 2 – 25 th April
IRC Class
1. Revenge, owned by A Smith, S Martin, P Coopland, and P M McQuillan
2. Dodjer, owned by M & J Stallard
3. Vado, an Aphrodite 29 owned by S & W Russell

Sonata Class
1. Sting, owned by G Dyson
2. Far Out, owned by K Temple

707 Class
1. A Grand Day Out, owned by S Bramham and R Littlewood
2. Black Sheep, owned by S Parker and T Clark
3. Just One More, owned by R Gray, N Taylor & P Jarret
4. Miss Moneypenny, owned by the 707 Association

SYC Class
1. Shileilagh, owned by P Thompson
2. Skullduggery, owned by P Barker and G Lenton
3. Rascal, owned by M & F Mullane

Results 24 th April
Commodores Cup 2021 Race 2 – 24 th April
SYC Class
1. Revenge, owned by A Smith, S Martin, P Coopland, and P M McQuillan
2. Zeris, owned by D Flett
3. Humdinger, owned by R Pickard and G Walker

A Busy South Bay as viewed from St Nicholas Gardens
The Five LUSC Students, Rear Commodore and Commodore
Yachts form an orderly line to cross the start. (The proper thing to do was to cross at the
same time!)
Leeds University Entrants beating a challenger
707 Class Shameless
Three-way 707 Tussel
Zeris and Humdinger Racing with full Spinnakers

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