We now have a new email system that is attached to the website, so now you should receive a Newsletter straight from the site and club emails.

It is always difficult to know what works best because no matter how good the system is, not everyone will open the emails and therefore we have no way of knowing if they are all getting delivered.

The new system has in place an anti spam feature, that I am told will stop the emails hitting your spam folder, however, again I have no way of knowing unless I get feedback from people.

So, at the time of writing this I have sent 7 emails to the full SYC membership of which less than 50% have been opened, so I would ask, that if you are reading this and have not received any emails from me, please LET ME KNOW, so I can check if you are on the list, but also check to see why you have not received them, we do have support with this system so I need to know.


Paul Lester

Rear Commodore

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