Dinner Dance 2018 post event

SYC 2018 Annual Fundraiser Dinner Dance and Trophy presentation was a well attended success.

The Hon Sec’s white dinner jacket avoided gravy and treacle tart spills, while Simon Bull’s dinner jacket of many colours’ has placed him under investigation regarding the theft of the curtains from the ‘Happy Lychee’ take away. Apparently his jacket should have won a trophy.

The presentation flowers supplied by Pattisons of Falsgrave were exquisite, with Win Russell winning this years ‘who will get the bouquet with the invoice still attached’ competition.

The Commodore had the good judgement to wait to share his ‘rubber glove’ anecdote until after the guests had finished eating.

Also the Commodore had to stand in as bouncer at his own Commodore reception,  it did nearly come to blows with some guests of the Royal who tried to insist they should be allowed in. However with the assistance of the Treasurer, most of the advances were thwarted, albeit some physically manhandled.

A great night had by all and a bonus of £630 raised for the Lifeboat.

(all content by Commodore and Hon Sec)

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