Ladies Night Post Event

A well attended event considering it was the first ever ladies Night to be held in the club.

16 of our finest ladies, enjoying an evening of wine, food, and I have to say a lot of chatter, but very please to see that everyone, including myself enjoyed it.

I did have concerns over the catering side of things, as our galley is not the largest, and with only a domestic cooker, it was a bit of a juggling act, but with the help of the two young ladies from the Teapot, we pulled it off.

Gent dinner next weekend, that will be a tester for sure with 40 booked, I think I better get practicing the juggling. Looking forward to do it, and I may have a drink or three myself, after the food has gone out of course.

Very pleased with the event, looking forward to the next.

Rear Commodore.

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