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Just a short post with a bit of interesting information for me to share with you all.

As you are all aware, obviously those of you reading this, we changed the website again, giving us more control of what we can do, but also what we can see and as of the time I changed the site, we have access to be able to see how the site is getting used.

You can see from the image that so far, January and February up to now 8th Feb, we have had 3322 views on the site and the best day ever was 240 views, which was day one, this was because I had just changed the site and had sent links out to it via email and Facebook.

Currently we are averaging around 70 views per day, which is pretty good for a new site, and a site that is club based and not really a public site, however I will be doing some SEO work on the site to bring in more outside visitors and hopefully more members.

I have further statistics from another site that I can share, which tells me that most visits entered the site from the home page closely followed by the ‘2018 race program’, followed by ‘Racing’ and then ‘General Information’.

I guess statistics are not important to a lot of people and I don’t think this post will rank in my next set of figures as been one of the most popular, however I think it is important to keep a check on what is happening with the site and to share the information.

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